Sara Fry was born and raised in Clovis, California with the iconic High Sierra as her backyard. Raised by parents with a desire to instill the benefits of nature into their children she spent her youth camping, hiking, boating, and exploring. Her thirst for adventure only grew stronger with age. 

In 2012 Sara set off to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail - a 2,660 mile footpath through California, Oregon, and Washington. The five months Sara spent on trail only fueled her desire to explore the natural world even more. 

Upon returning from the Pacific Crest Trail, Sara spent 4 months in the Alaskan Backcountry working on a trail crew for Alaska State Parks. She gained invaluable experience while working in some of America's most majestic landscapes. 

In 2013, Sara and hiking partner John McKinney became the first people to thru-hike the San Joaquin River Trail. They gathered GPS data and recorded field notes of the Central Valley's new long-distance trail. It wasn't long before Sara became intimately involved with all things San Joaquin River Trail. She began hiking the trail every chance she got collecting detailed information to create a guide/date book as well as lay tracks for the public's use. She frequently gives talks at local outdoor stores to help raise awareness of this new trail. Sara brought the SJRT online with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and built a website to gain more publicity in hopes of getting more people out onto this wonderful trail. 

In 2014 Sara thru-hiked the Continental Divide Trail - a 3,000 mile route along America's most prominent geographic feature - the Continental Divide. The trail spans through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. The spirit and unpredictable nature of the CDT aligned perfectly with Sara's thirst for the unknown. She thrives in the unpredictable nature of the wild and is most at home when challenging herself and scheming of new adventures and routes. 

In the past 3 years Sara has logged over 10,000 trail miles. The experience she has acquired is invaluable and is her strongest asset in the backcountry. Other trails hiked include: John Muir Trail, San Diego Trans County Trail, Ouachita Trail, and MANY self-planned routes. Sara is a true explorer at heart and her accomplishments are not only directed towards hiking. She fully believes in being a well-rounded adventurist and broadening her skill set to include all forms of human powered life.

With the growing popularity of outdoor recreation activities such as hiking and backpacking Sara saw a need to bring back the forgotten trail networks. The Sierra Mapping Project will relieve heavy traffic on trails such as the Pacific Crest and John Muir Trails. With the new permitting system in place in the High Sierra and the government placing a quota on the amount of people allowed to hike certain trails Sara saw a need to bring a voice back to these old trails. 

The Sierra Mapping Project was born. Sara is hiking all the trails in California's iconic High Sierra. She will GPS, track, compile detailed summaries and conditions, take photographic documentation, but most importantly provide free information to the public about her findings. This 5 year project will be time consuming and costly but Sara is dedicated to sharing her information with the public so others can experience the beauty of our native land.

 She is working on locating a publisher to publish guide/data books on these trails according to their geographic region. Tracks and waypoints will be made publicly available for download at no cost (donations gladly welcomed). It is Sara's hopes that everyone will recognize the beauty of our backcountry and explore the endless wonders our trails have to share. 

Sara is actively looking for partners. A project of this magnitude is costly. Regardless, tracks will ALWAYS remain free. In order to do this she needs partners and sponsors. Please share and help spread the word about the Sierra Mapping Project. This belongs to the community. This belongs to you. 

 It is Sara's hopes that people will dream, discover, and allow their passions to fuel their desire to fully live this beautiful life. 

*The Sierra Mapping Project is not affiliated with any governmental agency or organizations. It is for the public by the public*


Kaiser Peak
There’s one thing I know for certain - my human body knows the secrets of the soul and my cells will continue to dream and discover until my bones disintegrate and the dust of my past blankets every corner of this beautiful world.
— Sara C Fry
Ouachita Trail