The Sierra Mapping Project


Sierra Mapping Project: To determine the condition of our current trails and provide an in-depth analysis for recreational use in the High Sierra. Sierra Mapping Project will provide a detailed description of trails and routes for the ever-growing popularity of backcountry exploration. Each trail will be hiked, GPS'd, and documented with updated current conditions. Trails will then be categorized into tracks which will be available for download to the public at no cost. 

Sierra Mapping Project will provide much needed relief to heavily populated trails such as the Pacific Crest and John Muir Trails. All trails will be classified according to the Wilderness Areas the reside in. Additional information such as distance, difficulty, loops, spurs, and thru-hiking alternatives will be provided. Bringing a voice to these forgotten paths will increase tourism, generate revenue for neighboring towns, but most importantly reconnect the public with the beauty of nature while providing information that enables people to explore their native land and increase their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Sierra Mapping Project will be conducted over many years for the entirety of the Sierra trail system. Detailed data/guide books will be published according to wilderness areas. Books will include maps, elevation profiles, water sources and a summary of loops, spurs, and thru-hiking options available in said regions. Guide and Datebooks will be made available to the public once the data has been decompressed and recompiled. In addition to hard copies, a phone application and downloadable track will be made available for purchase based on length of trail and region.

With the steady influx of backcountry recreational activities, Sierra Mapping Project is highly sought after and utilized in its totality. This trend will continue to soar given the growing awareness of backcountry activities. The demand for discovering the vast beauty the Sierra Neveada has to offer is more prevalent now than ever before.

The knowledge of the Sierra's elaborate trail network needs to be available for public use to lighten the wear and tear on our more heavily traveled trails. Sierra Mapping Project will be lead and conducted by Love Fry, an avid outdoor enthusiast and documenter. Love has over 12,000 trail miles under her feet and is eager to share her findings with the public. Her project will not only motivate and encourage a healthy lifestyle, but foster a reciprocal relationship between the people and the land we belong to.

Love frequently gives public talks on long-distance hiking and other trails she has pioneered. She is eager to bring the beauty of the great outdoors into the homes of millions worldwide. Her extensive experience in backcountry travel and her zest for connecting the community to nature, drive her to produce quality results that will become the Holy Grail of California's iconic High Sierra. 

 Love believes back country information should be free for all to utilize and enjoy. Therefore, she will provide downloadable tracks free of charge for the public. Give back to the community. Give back to the trails.

*Sierra Mapping Project is not affiliated with any governmental agency or organizations. It is for the public by the public*