High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew and Sierra Mapping Project

This past weekend I was at a Trail Crew Leader Training put on by my wonderful friends over at High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew. This 3 day training was incredible. It was well organized, the information was great, and we had a good selection of speakers. 

The High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew is a wonderful organization run by passionated volunteers who recognize the importance of keeping our trails in opportune conditions. This weekends training was geared towards past and new trail leaders. There was a lot of information covered to help assist us (your leaders) in making our trail crews safe, fun, and ensuring a great experience for you (our volunteers).

This year I'll be leading at least 4 separate trips up into our High Sierra. Although there are many more trips the HSVTC has planned. I encourage you to sign-up via their website: http://trailcrew.org

Our trails crews are important because we're the ones that build and maintain our beloved hiking/backpacking corridors for not only current use, but for generations to come. Our crews wouldn't exists without the wonderful volunteers who join us in our mission to protect and maintain the wilderness experience. YOU are the reason we are able to exist. The next time you're on a trail I challenge you to think about the hard work that went into the path you're walking among. We are the blood, sweat, and tears of the trail network. We do this because of our deep love for nature and our desire to share these trails with the community. 

All of the High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew trips are free. You'll learn new skills for trail building, make life-long friends, work/play out in nature, all while being feed like kings! 

The ©Sierra Mapping Project's main goal is to ensure that these trails stay around for centuries to come. I understand and value the gift of having these treasured paths and I want to share these invaluable experiences with you!

I'd love to see you out on these trips! All are welcome regardless of age or ability. All that's needed is a will to work, have fun, and enjoy nature. Head on over to trailcrew.org to sign-up for trips! The Sierra Mapping Project is about stewardship and giving back to the community... this is your opportunity to make a difference. 

-Sara Fry

Founder of ©Sierra Mapping Project


Sierra Mapping Project Introduction

The Sierra Mapping Project was established as a means to bring lesser known trails publicity in hopes of alleviating the stressors this sudden influx of hikers has placed on California's trail systems. I conceived this idea to highlight and showcase the ENTIRE High Sierra. Highly popular trails such as the Pacific Crest and John Muir Trails receive much attention while the remaining neighboring trails receive little to none. Let's utilize this information and get out and hike on ALL of our trails. If nothing else, this project will shed light and information on forgotten trails and routes bringing new enthuasiasm and adventure into the backcountry. We are blessed beyond belief to have such an incredible mountain range - the Sierra Nevada's - at our doorstep. 

My love for hiking and the great outdoors is at the forefront of my brainchild - the Sierra Mapping Project. Although these trail networks exist on hard maps, we do not know the current status of them. The Sierra Mapping Project is meant to be used as a tool for outdoor enthuisasts to get out and explore the more wild side of our mountains.  

In addition to mapping and documenting trails I will also be scouting new route options for a more secluded experience similar to that of the Sierra High Route. 

Although the Sierra Mapping Project will be costly, information and knowledge should always remain free. I will publish my tracks and waypoints for the public to utilize. My downloadable tracks of existing trails will ALWAYS remain free (donations encouraged). It is my wish that people will responsibly explore nature while simultaneously improving their physical, mental, and emotional health. 

I am actively looking for partners and sponsors. Any donation, no matter the size, will be graciously welcomed. Please help spread the word and help me share my brainchild, Sierra Mapping Project, with the public! 

With love, laughter, and the happiest of trails, 

Sara Fry